Payment information

Participation fees: 12,000 yen(Excluding commission on drafts sold.)
(The cost for TAX & copy output for the initial screening included.)
Payment: By Bank transfer only ※Remittance charge is on applicants
A/C NUMBER:075-1965745

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The final judging process is open to the public July 7, 2018 (Tokyo Design Center) Open 13:00 Close 17:00 (enter free) Address:5-25-19 Higashi-Gotanda Shinagawa-ku,Tokyo 141-0022 Japan
Facebook Live Distributor: same time/ same day.


Please confirm the following notes before you apply.

  1. In the case plagiarism is discovered regarding prize-winning works, the prize will be disqualified even after the all procedures of judging have finished.
  2. The applicant must obtain the consent off the persons involved so as to avoid his/her work's application competing with other entries. Please note, especially, if you played a part as a member in a group project such as a commercial complex.
  3. The panels for the final judging will not returned as long as there is no special reason.

Copyright management

  1. Please manage on your own responsibility all the rights of your materials such as the copyright, usage of photography, publication, and industrial property rights usage, etc. We would also like you to be aware that even prize-winning work cannot be listed in the yearbook unless the consent of the original copyright holders is obtained.
  2. The copyright of the materials of your works such as photographs is all reserved by the original creator. However, we would like you to grant rights of usage to the sponsoring group and Rikuyosha Ltd. in publishing the "Annual of Space Design in Japan 2019"(Book, e-book) or other publications, displaying the works at the exhibition, and making the image data of the works into a DVD.
    In addition, if the creator's name is not stated in the appropriate box of the application form, we consider it unnecessary to display the name. Therefore, please be advised again that managing all the rights, including copyright, of your application materials is your own responsibility.

Private Policy

JCD will only use your information to contact entrants about this competition. We will not disclose your information to a 3rd party.

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Sponsor = Co. Japan Commercial Environment Design Association
Supporter:Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism/ Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry / Japan External Trade Organization(JETRO)
Cooperation:Tokyo design center

The application period has finished.